Online Slots

Should I Trust Online Slots’ Random Results?


A major concern for any gambler when playing online slots is whether they can trust that results are random. There is a theory that a slot machine won’t pay out once it hits a big jackpot and you shouldn’t continue playing after you hit one. Another myth is that a slot machine that hasn’t paid out for some time is ‘due’ for a win or that wins are structured to keep people playing longer. Unlike what some gamblers may believe, casinos don’t have to ‘rig’ results to make money. Slot machines are designed to make the house money over the long run. Online casinos wouldn’t stay in business if they couldn’t profit.

Supervision by regulatory boards

Regulated iGaming apps are supervised by state regulatory gambling boards. Licensed online casinos must abide by the rules, and regulations laid down by these regulatory boards. They protect players and make it safe and fair for them to play online casino games. Regular independent audits by third-party testing agencies ensure that slot machine outcomes are accurate and reliable. Some gamblers believe that online casinos never pay out substantial winnings but this isn’t the case. If you’re playing at a licensed casino, it is legally obligated to pay out if it wants to retain its license.

Random Number Generators (RNGs)

Reputable online slot games use Random Number Generators (RNGs). They are designed to generate sequences of numbers that are random and unpredictable. This helps to level the playing field for all players. When results are random, everyone has the chance of winning, and this idea can help create a winning mindset. An outcome doesn’t depend on what came before or influence what comes after it.

Cognitive biases of humans

Humans are prone to cognitive biases. This can make them remember their losses rather than their wins and blame a lack of randomness for the outcomes they experience when playing slot machines. There are no predictable patterns, and this is what can make every spin or bet an exciting adventure. Of all the ways to make quick cash, playing slots is probably not a good one. However, the potential to win is always there, and if a player does win a jackpot, it can be life-altering.

Slot players often notice that slot machines appear to go through winning or losing streaks. Whenever a slot awards several continuous wins, they may describe it as entering a ‘hot’ cycle. On the other hand, if players keep losing on a particular machine, they say it is in a ‘cold’ cycle. This again shows the effect of cognitive bias. Using RNGs eliminates the possibility of hot and cold cycles, and they should not influence bets.